The Stranger Arranger

As kids we’re taught about stranger danger, but when you’re an adult and dating that all seems to goes out the window

10:46AM, Jan 17


The app, whose creators call it a 'stranger-arranger', allows users to be paired up for a blind date based solely on their location and what night of the week they're available.

Unlike other dating websites or apps, a user's basic details and interests are not made available prior to the meeting to give each other an idea of compatibility.

In other words, it's a game of Russian roulette in terms of being paired up with someone you actually have anything in common with.

So, what's the point? After all, isn't the idea of a blind date that two people are encouraged to meet up by a mutual friend who thinks they'll get along?

Well actually, the Crazy Blind Date app pretty much turns the search for love into a game. As the creators explain:

"After the date ends, Crazy Blind Date prompts users to give feedback on the date. If the daters had a good time, they are offered the opportunity to vouch for their date's awesomeness by purchasing Crazy Blind Date credits, called "Kudos," on their date's behalf, thus incentivising everyone to be on his or her best behaviour.

"The more Kudos daters collect from the people they've gone on dates with in the past, the higher priority they have in being assigned to future dates."

But isn't the point of a date ideally to find someone to have a long-term relationship with, rather than racking up as many dates as possible? Because if you're just looking for sex, there are apps such as Blendr and Grindr to cater for that.

And then there's that issue of meeting up with a complete stranger who you know approximately zero things about and hasn't even been recommended by a friend. Sounds like a Law and Order: SVU case waiting to happen.

We're not sold on Crazy Blind Date. What do you think? Tell us if you'd use it on Facebook or Twitter.

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