Men spend more than women online

The man in your life may give you an accusing look when you come home with yet another shopping bag, but he shouldn't be so smug: it turns out men are spending a lot more than women, they're just buying more online.

10:57AM, Sep 21

Yes, men are gaining quite the reputation as shopaholics after sharply increasing the amount of dollars they spend online compared to women.

The boys spent 46 percent more on online purchases than women this year, according to the latest figures from the World Internet Project.

Australian men spend an average of $242 a month online, with women spending around $165 per month.

We've all seen that guy looking like he'd rather be getting his legs waxed than waiting for his lady to try on a dress in the change room. But it seems he doesn't hate shopping, just shopping centres.

Scott Ewing, a senior research fellow at the Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation at Swinburne University in Melbourne, said this could be the reason men are spending more online, among others.

"It could be that women tend to like to go shopping, they like wandering around the shops and they like to try things on, pick things up and touch them,'' Ewing said.

Your say: How much do you spend on online shopping per month?

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