(Another) Victoria's Secret Photoshop fail

It seems even the world's most beautiful models don't get Victoria's Secret's tick of beauty approval.

11:1AM, Jul 5

A new Facebook ad for the lingerie and swimwear giant has come under fire from fans for featuring a seriously photo-shopped image of one of their models.

More than 2000 Facebook viewers have slammed the campaign that reads, "Calling all beach bums! Find your perfect fit".

In the photo, the model's legs are bowed, her butt is almost non-existent and it appears her waist might have been shaved down, too.

One Facebook user wrote: "Congrats Victoria's Secret for further perpetuating the idea that skinnier is better. That did not need Photoshopping. When will you take a stand that it's ok to be a healthy weight? When will you encourage a healthy body image? No wonder so many women have eating disorders..."

The image has now been taken down from Victoria's Secret's Facebook page.

It's the latest in a long line of airbrushing blunders for the brand. Last year VS model Candice Swanpoel appeared in a Victoria's Secret catalogue image with a bizarrely protruding shoulder muscle on her left side.

What are your thoughts? Does such heavy photo-shopping make you want to boycott the brand?

In pictures: Retro Victoria's Secret catalogue

By Kimberly Gillan


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