The Milky Foot Diaries

There’s a new beauty product on the market that requires a little more commitment than a lip gloss or mascara...

3:3AM, Nov 29

When a Milky Foot kit landed on my desk recently, I was both intrigued and nervous by the gel filled booties that promise extreme foot exfoliation, thanks to an active ingredient called ExMilac. I'd heard some stories around the beauty traps that made me a little wary. "The skin on your feet hangs off in chunks" someone told me. "Your shoes will be filled with dead skin" another said. It sounded a little crazy (and gross), but curiosity and the reminder of an upcoming beach holiday (read, three weeks of thong and sandal wearing) made my decision for me: I had to give Milky Foot a go.

*Warning: this article contains frequent reference to the author's feet and the skin on said author's feet. The feet-phobic may find this offensive. Feet fetishists will thoroughly enjoy.

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Day one

I try Milky Foot on a Saturday morning when I know I have the time to stay seated for an hour or so - you're not meant to walk around while wearing Milky Foot. Armed with a cup of tea and the newspapers I settle in on the lounge, tear open the plastic footlets and slip my feet inside. I don't mind having an excuse to put my feet up for an hour.

When it's time I hobble into the bathroom and rinse the gel off my feet. No signs of skin deterioration yet. After double checking the packet I learn that the peeling only begins 5 - 10 days after application. I will have to be patient.

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Day two

Impatiently (hey, I tried!) inspecting my feet before my morning shower there are no signs of any kind of exfoliation. Disappointed, I scrub my feet with a pumice stone, but still nothing happens. Yes, I'm the kind of person that gets huffy waiting in queues and always searched the house for my Christmas presents as a child. Lucky Mum was an expert hider.

Day five

Just like the instructions said, I finally started to notice some change five days after applying Milky Foot. I'd forgotten I'd even used it until I noticed a little skin peeling on my heel. 'At last, it begins!' I thought with glee. Actually, I said it out aloud and got some strange looks from my colleagues. And rightly so.

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Day six

I wake up to find I've caught the overnight train to Exfoliation City*. (Warning: description of the skin on my feet ahead). From the tips of my toes right down to my heel, it's on. A gentle scratch of my foot results in the shedding of skin. Disgusted, my house mate politely asks me to get off the kitchen counter (just kidding - as if she'd ask politely!). I wonder how long this will last and put on ballet flats (closed toe) before leaving the house.

Day seven

Houston, we have a problem. Upon arriving at my Friday night yoga-slash-dance class, it hits me: I will be required to bare my feet, which currently look like they are suffering from an exotic disease. Unable to perform yoga in my ballet flats, I awkwardly tip-toe to my mat and tuck my feet under my body.

The class starts and I momentarily forget about my foot issue - until I look down during my downward dog. I pray the person behind me doesn't notice.

Thankfully, as if the Universe is listening and can hear my pleas for help, the teacher turns the lights down, hiding my shameful secret.

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Day ten

After waiting very patiently (read: scrubbing my feet madly with a pumice stone nightly) for the peeling stage to finish, my feet are at last looking smooth and soft by day ten. I get a pedicure to treat my feet after the ordeal they've been through.

So is it worth it? Despite the 10 day wait for gratification and that humiliating yoga class experience - yes, yes, yes. Weeks after the application my feet are smoother than they've been since I could walk, and having pretty feet on the beach for my holiday was very pleasing. The verdict? Try Milky Foot and your feet will thank you - 10 days later.

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How much is it?

One pair of Milky Foot booties will set you back $29.95 for regular sixe or $34.95 for the larger size.

Where do I get it?

Milky Foot is available at all good pharmacies or at

*Not an actual city.


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